Remote Access iPhone/iPad (iOS) Home Screen Icon

You can access all the features of Salon Control from within your iPhone or iPad’s internet browser (Safari) but if you wish to have a home screen icon this can be done by carefully following the next steps.

Just to note a Salon Control native application is currently in development and will released once it has finished it testing phase, this will then replace this article.

1, Request your remote access link from the Salon Control support team

Send a email to either or with your salon details from a working email account. Please note we will check with salon owners if staff have permission to obtain the remote access link.

2, Open email and copy URL’s from email

The Salon Control support team will email you back 3 links which are important to set up the home screen icon. Firstly you will have a link to followed by your unique salons remote access link which will look like (the xxx’s will be replaced with your salons unique ID), finally your have a link to a image file.

3, Open the website in safari

Tap the link and it will take you to a website, scroll down slowly till you see “START NOW !” tap this option.

4, Setting up the app details

Scroll down and under the “Choose application type” tap the box and scroll down to “Manual (URL scheme)” option and then tap “Done.

5, Copy your remote access link

Now copy the remote access link from the email onto the phones clipboard, from here you need to paste the remote access link into the “Set the application scheme” box. If you are unsure on how to copy and paste text please read more at this website.

6, Setting the home screen app icon

This is the same process as the previous step but this time you will be copying either the (White Background Version) or (Black Background Version) link into the “Choose icon” box. The box will turn yellow as shown and give a error message but this is fine, as long as the icon shows the Salon Control logo in the “Icon preview” box you can move onto the next step.

7, Generation options

Scroll down and you will come to four setting switches please enter the following settings:

Glossy Effect – ON

Empty Title – OFF

Full screen Mode – OFF

Popup Generation – ON

Once you have adjusted the settings scroll down to the large green button with “Let’s GO !” and tap it. This will make the website process your request, this can be instantly or take couple seconds, once it has finished you will see the following message:

“The shortcut page to launch your application has been successfully generated !

This page should have open in a new window (don’t forget to accept this popup).

If the window didn’t open click below :

Open Popup >

To make another configuration or modify the previous one, click the button below :”

Simply tap the Open Popup > button and it will open a new popup window, this page make take 30-60 seconds to load depending on your internet speed. You will also notice in the address bar it will have “data:” in it, once the page has loaded tap the Action button at the bottom of the Safari window (the button that is depicted as a square with an upward-facing arrow). Note, you may need to tap on Safari’s address bar at the top of the screen to reveal the Safari Navigation Bar at the bottom of the window. On the menu scroll along until you find the “Add to Home Screen” option and tap it to move onto the final step.

8, Add to Home Screen

This is the final step to add the app link to your home screen, in the top box simply change the name for the app icon (the text is displayed below the icon) to something like “Salon Control” or “Salon Name – Salon Control” once you have entered the desired name tap the Add button at top of the screen, your newly created app icon will appear on your Home Screen among your other installed apps.


Please be aware this Home Screen app icon is simply a quick and easy way to redirect to your remote access to your Salon Control system and NOT the official Salon Control app. Once the native Salon Control app is available you will be able to do much more, also please note that if your system is switched off or your internet goes down for your salon that will prevent the remote access link from working.