Release Note: 1.20.2353.2

  • GDPR Features – Within this update there have been many different features added to help you become GDPR compliant, they are listed below:
    • Inactive Clients – Remove clients that have not been into your salon for 2 years or more with this feature.
    • GDPR Delete Clients – Completely delete and remove all data about a client. All bookings and history will also be removed, but financial history will be kept for reports.
    • Child Identifier – A clients account can be marked as a child to help identify the client. When a clients account is marked as a “Child” they will be disabled from marketing and online booking.
    • Associated Clients – Client records can be linked to each other, for example a families accounts can be associated. By associating accounts this will enable a parent to book in their children’s appointments from their own account with the online booking.
    • GDPR Checked – Once you have GDPR checked a client, you can confirm this by enabling this switch and inputting a date in the GDPR Last Checked field.
    • Signature Capture – By clicking this button Salon Control can now capture a signature from a touch screen device like a tablet, phone or your Elo touchscreen. All stored signatures are located under the “Signatures” tab on a clients record. On this tab you can also view your salons GPDR declaration, this can edited on the settings screen.
    • GDPR Information Report – This feature will generate a report displaying all information stored about a client from the system. This report can printed and handed to the customer if requested. The information that is displayed on this report can be enabled/disabled from the GDPR Settings. Setting > Salon > General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
    • GDPR Settings – Change your businesses GDPR Declaration along with what is shown in the GDPR Information Report eg: Memo, Client Notes, Future/Previous Bookings and Correspondence.
    • Online Booking Registration – When a new client registers via your online booking page, they will be automatically GDPR checked and dated after submitting their details. When registering online the client will have the option to opt-in or out of marketing and SMS reminders.
    • Marketing Enhancements – The Marketing Feature can now show clients who have/haven’t been GDPR checked.
    • Exclude Children From Marketing – When a client record has the “Is a Child” switch enabled, this will disable ALL marketing and SMS features for that client.
    • GDPR Authorisation Method Field – Record what type of consent was given by the client when being GDPR checked, for example verbal, online, telephone.
    • GDPR Information Consolidated – All GDPR settings have now been neatly consolidated into it retrospective sections.
  • Booking Confirmation Notification Setup – After booking a client you will be shown the new Booking Confirmation Notification Setup window. From this window you can enable/disable the confirmation/reminder SMS for the client. This will only affect the one appointment. If a client is not GDPR checked the system will also display this window.
  • Clients with Upcoming Special Birthdays – On the Client Maintenance screen clients special birthdays will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. This will display birthdays for 18,21,30,40,50 etc.
  • New Date & Time pickers across the site apart from the Booking create/edit – The Date & Time pickers have been upgraded for easier usability.
  • Fixes to the Break edit/Create – Issue resolved where breaks being created incorrectly.
  • Fixes to the Auto Re run of reports – Issue resolved where reports would not run successfully in rare cases.
  • New report – Product In Store Usage ranking report – This new report will display the highest used products that have been scanned off the system as in store usage.
  • New Report Client By Stylist – Shows the clients who have been seen by the selected stylist between given dates.
  • New Date & Time Selector –  The Date & Time pickers have been upgraded for easier usability.
  • New Colours Deep Purple & Mauve – Two extra colour options have been added for bookings.
  • Auto focus cursor on in store usage – Issued resolved where the cursor would not automatically focus on the barcode box.
  • General Fixes – Various improvements and fixes have been applied to your SalonControl system to improve usability.

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