Over The Phone Payments – Payment Sense

On Account – Payment Over The Phone

If you are using a Payment Sense Card Terminal integrated with Salon Control and need to take a payment for a deposit or on account payment over the phone please follow these steps.

1, Navigate to the clients record stored on Salon Control and click the “On Account” tab.

2, Click the “Add Credit” button to display the following prompt:

3, Select the Payment Method and enter the On Account Amount. To add this credit to the clients record without using the Payment Sense integration for example a client wants to pay over the phone. Click the the Continue Without Payment Sense Card Machine switch to ON and click Confirm. This will add the desired credit amount to the clients record.

4, Now that credit has been added the next step is take the payment on the terminal. Follow these steps to do take a “Mail Order” aka “Over The Phone” payment:

  • Press MENU
  • Press F1 – MAIL ORDER
  • Press F4 – SALE
  • Enter Sale Amount £
  • Press ENTER – If the terminal returns to the home screen please repeat the above steps
  • When the terminal asks to insert or swipe the card press MENU
  • Enter Card Number (Long number across the front of the card) and press ENTER
  • Enter Expiration Date (Month/Year) and press ENTER
  • Enter Start DateIF REQUIRED and press ENTER
  • Enter Issue NumberIF REQUIRED and press ENTER
  • Enter CSC Number (located on the back of the card) and press ENTER
  • Next you will be asked to enter the customers postcode and address in a number format. For the postcode extract the numbers from the clients postcode for example BS24 9AY would be entered as 249 and then press ENTER. Then for the house number enter please enter the number but if the client lives in a flat for example Flat 2, 19 Salon Control Road would be entered as 219, and then press ENTER. If you do not know any of these then press ENTER to without entering anything to bypass the check when appropriate.
  • The terminal will connect to gain authorisation and will prompt you to choose VOID (F1) or CONFIRM (F4), the results of the CSC/AVS check is then shown.
  • Finally the terminal will print of two receipts, one for the client and another for the merchant, the transaction is now complete.

Transaction Payment – Over The Phone

If you need to process a transaction for a service or Over The Counter sale over the phone, this can be done at the Take Payment screen. When on the Take Payment screen click on a Card Payment type and when presented with the Payment Sense Terminal prompt simply click the CLOSE button. Then press the Enter button on the screen to submit the amount and then finish the transaction with the Complete W/O Receipt or Complete With Receipt button. The transaction is now completed on Salon Control and the final steps is to follow the above instructions for taking a payment on the Payment Sense terminal.