Understanding Availability – FAQ

In this article we will explain how to understand how staff availability works on Salon Control. Firstly all staff need availability to be displayed in the calendar and be able to take bookings, but staff members who do not perform services can go on system and be hidden from the calendar if desired.

Salon Control will keep using a saved availability profile until it reaches the set end date or is changed otherwise. The availability profiles are very flexible and have a variety of options which are detailed in these two articles (Basic and Advanced). With the profiles they can be set up to a rotating week if required also if you staff are working extra days outside of there basic working hours.

I have a new staff member starting what do I do?

When a new staff member starts working in your business you will need to set up there working hours, make sure to have the Start Date entered correctly, also leave the End Date blank if these hours are going to be in effect indefinitely. Next enable all the days they are working with the “Available” switch next to each day and enter a Start Time and End Time.

My staff is changing there hours what do I do?

If Jane Smith has been working Monday – Wednesdays since 1st January but she is increasing her hours to Monday – Friday in 1st June this can be done by creating a new profile and putting a End Date on the previous profile. On the previous/old working hours you will have to input a End Date, once the End Date is reached Salon Control will no longer use that profile anymore and move onto a newer profile if available, if not the staff member will have no availability on the calendar. In the previous profile you would set the End Date as a day before the new hours would be coming into effect so for example 31st May, you will then have to create a new profile with the Start Date set to 1st June and the new hours she would be working. Salon Control will continue using the newer profile until otherwise changed.

One mistake that can be done is by changing the old working hours and not following the steps above, is if this is done Salon Control will change all availability historically which will skew any reports, please be aware of this. If you require assistance please contact the support team.

My staff is working an extra day outside of there normal working hours, what do I do?

Jane Smith normally only works Mondays and Fridays but she has decided to work Tuesday that week, to do this you will need to create an extra one off profile for that extra day. Create a new profile, give it a name for example “Extra Day 1” and enter the Start Date and End Date as the same date she will be working extra for example 31/12/17 & 31/12/17. Click the “Available” switch just for the day that she is working extra and input her Start Time and End Time then Click Confirm. You will then see the extra profile listed, what will happen now is when Salon Control gets to that extra day it will override Jane’s normal working hours and once the day is finished it will revert back to her normal basic working hours.

If Jane was working Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday extra you can extra the Start Date and End Date to accommodate those extra days. To do this create a new profile as stated above and put the Start Date as 31/12/17 and the End Date as 02/01/18, making sure to enable the “Available” switch on all the extra days along with the working hours. Salon Control will then show Jane on the calendar for those extra days and will revert back to the normal basic hours.


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