TalkTalk Blocking TeamViewer

Since January 2018 the popular ISP “TalkTalk” has started to block all internet traffic for TeamViewer. They are blocking all internet searches and traffic for TeamViewer at a DNS level. What this means for users of Salon Control is that we will not be able offer remote support whist TeamViewer is blocked.

To remove this block there is a few different options you can try:

1, Simply log into TalkTalk Home Safe and navigate to your HomeSafe Setting then select “Off” to turn off Scam Protection. You can also access the correct page by using the link from the alert.

2, Call TalkTalk directly on 0345 172 0088 and ask them to remove the restriction. Or you can chat to one of there agents who can turn this setting off for you.

3, This is an advanced solution and not for users without network experience. Change your default router DNS servers to Google DNS or Open DNS.
Google DNS Settings: and
OpenDNS Settings: and

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