Stylist Status Updates

Stylist are able to request a status update from Salon Control to see there figures/earning up to that moment in time, via a text message. To be able to do this there is a few simple steps that must be done before hand.

Go to Settings on the left side of the screen.

Under Team Control, Click Team/Staff Member’s.

Then Click on the staff member that you wish to enable status updates for. Once you are on the staff members details page scroll down to the Further Information section and Click the  tab and enter a working mobile phone number into the Mobile Number field:

Once you have a working mobile number Click the  tab and scroll down to the the Allow Status Update To Be Requested option:

Then Click it from OFF to ON, then finally Click the  button located at the top right of the screen.

Now that a working mobile number has been added to the stylist and the Allow Status Update To Be Requested option has been enabled you request a status update by simply send a SMS message with the word “STATUS” in it to your Salon Control Live Text number (if you require assistance finding your Live Text number please send us a support request using the  button in the Live Text Section of Salon Control)

Once the system receives the “STATUS” SMS it will reply with SMS which will have your figures/earning up to that moment in time.


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