Shared Calendars

SalonControl allows team members to have their column synchronised to any device to allow them to view their schedule at any time.

The schedule, when viewed on their device, shows the team members ‘Working Day’ as defined within their availability record. It also shows the time that they have a booking and the booking details such as Ladies Cut. However, no client information is provided.

Setup Steps
First, you must enable the feature on Team Member Record. This is achieved by navigating Settings -> Team/Staff Members and then selecting the team member.

Once on the team members record select the Services tab

Team Members Service Tab

Towards the bottom of the Settings Tab you will see Enable Calendar Feeds. Turn this feature on and copy (Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C) the link in the box that appears.

Enable Calendar Feeds

Once this has been copied, ensure you click save in the top right hand corner or the change will be lost.

This link is needed to configure the team members device (Smart Phone, Tablet and/or PC/Mac). The easiest way to get this link to their device is to email from your SalonControl PC. Once this has been done, move to the device that needs to receive the calendar schedule.


Apple iOS Devices (iPhone/iPad)

To configure this feature on an iOS device, follow these steps after you have received the calendar link in an email and you have highlighted the whole link and copied it:

  • Click on Settings
  • Scroll down and select Calendar (If you are using iOS 10 or above please select “Accounts & Passwords” instead)
  • Select Accounts
  • Select Add Account
  • Select Other
  • Select Add Subscribed Calendar
  • Paste the calendar link from your email into the Server field
  • Click Next and wait for the device to verify the calendar link
  • Once Verified, edit the Description field and enter the team members name or any description that they will refer to when viewing the calendar e.g. Salon Calendar or Work
  • Then click Save



Android Devices

To configure this feature on an Android device, follow these steps after you have received the calendar link in an email and you have highlighted the whole link and copied it:

  • Open your Google Calendar on your device
  • Click Settings
  • Click Add
  • Select Add by URL
  • Paste the calendar link from your email into the field
  • Ignore the checkbox about making it publicly available
  • Then click Save


Once this procedure has been completed, go to the Calendar app and you will see the synchronised calendar. If not their immediately, don’t worry – it can take a few minutes to synchronise.

Treatwell – In addition to providing information to your device or computer, SalonControl can be used to provide the calendar information to Treatwell ( This service provider can help you to sell available time in your diary.

Treatwell will ask for your calendar feed, however the link is slightly different. The word details in the shared calendar link needs to be replaced with Treatwell.

E.g. Original Link: should be replaced as so
Treatwell Link:


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