Setting Up TeamViewer (Migration From Other Software) – Mac OSX

Thank you for joining the most up to date salon software on the market. For us to be able to access your current system and migrate the data across we need to be able to have full control of your system. To be able to access your system we use a piece of software called “TeamViewer“, we will need you to download this and install it for us to be able to gain access. Please follow the steps below to get TeamViewer up and running.

Please note that this guide is for Apple Mac systems.

1, Download the latest version of TeamViewer using the button below:

2, You will be shown the following prompt, Click the Save File button to download TeamViewer.

3, Once you have downloaded TeamViewer please Click on the “TeamViewer.dmg” from your downloads list. You can access this by Pressing the Command ⌘ & J or Command ⌘Option ⌥ & L keys.

4, You will be shown the following installer screen, Click on the Install TeamViewer (Box icon in the middle) button.

5, Click the Continue button to start the installer.

6, Click the Continue button to read the End-User License Agreement and to continue.

7, Click the Agree button to accept End-User License Agreement and continue the installer.

8, Click the Install button to continue the installer.

9, Depending on your security settings for you Mac system you might be asked for your user password, please enter this and Click the Install Software button.

10, After the installer has finished you will be presented with the following screen Click the Close button.

11, You may now have a the TeamViewer icon on the Icon Dock at the bottom of your screen if not please open the Finder  application and look for the TeamViewer icon  then Click it to start TeamViewer.

Now you will be shown the following screen with Your ID and Password (if set) please note these details and forward them to us so we can access your system remotely.





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