Setting Up Staff Commission

Within Salon Control you are able to set up a multitude of commissions options for your team members

First go into Settings, Click this button on the side bar:

Next you will need to go to the Team Member Maintenance screen Click the Team/Staff Members button under the Team Control section:

Once you are on the Team Member Maintenance screen Click on the team member that you wish to set commission up for. Once you are on the team members details page Click the Salary & Commission tab as shown below:

You will see the Salary & Commission settings which look like the following:

Salon Control will display all current and previous Salary & Commission profiles. To create Salary & Commission a new profile simply Click the  button.

Please be aware that when you create a new profile it will automatically end the current Salary & Commission profile. 

You will be taken to the Commission Configuration screen and from here you can set up a large array of different setting for Commissions.

  • Applies From – This is the date when this commission profile comes into effect.
  • Applies To – This date is when the commission profile expires, if this is left blank Salon Control will leave this profile in effect until a new profile is created. This end date can be used for short term increased commission bonuses for team members, for example an increased commission over Christmas but then to return to the previous commission profile. Please be aware that if you have a Applies To date set you will have have another commission profile set up for afterwards otherwise if no commission profiles are set up and a team member will not earn any commission.
  • Employed – If the team member is employed by the business enable this option and you will be able to enter the team members salary and you are able to select the frequency of how they get paid eg 4 Weekly, Fortnightly, Hourly, Monthly or Weekly.
  • Chair Rental – If you have a team member that is self employed and pays chair rental within your salon, you are able to enter how much you charge for the rental of the chair also set the frequency eg 4 Weekly, Fortnightly, Hourly, Monthly or Weekly.
  • Enable Top Sliced Commission Calculations – Depend on how you want to pay your team members commission will depend on if you use this feature or not. Top slicing means that a team member will have to reach a target before they start earning commission. For example if a team member needs to reach £500 and they manage to hit a total of £650 they would only get commission on the £150 not the £650.
  • Commission On Services – You are able to set up to seven different commission levels for the amount earn on services performed. Depending on what commission system you want to enforce in your salon means you may only use a few of the different commission levels and not all of them. In Service Level (LEVEL #) Amount field enter the total amount you want the team member to reach before they earn commission. Now in Service Level (LEVEL #) Percentage (%) field enter the percentage of commission the team member will earn at that level. For example if you wanted a team member to earn £500 and then they will earn 10% commission and then if they earn £1000 they will get 20% commission. You would set this up like the following:

  • Commission On Retail Sales – The commission on retail sales works exactly the same way as commission on services but with exception of Excluded Product Categories. From this selection list you can pick what retail categories you do not want your team member to earn commission on. For example if you didn’t want your team member to earn commission on Conditioners simply Click a category, if you wish to select multiple categories simply hold the  key and Click each  category you wish to exclude.

Once you are happy with the commission set up Click the  button at the top of the page.

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