Schedule Reports

Schedule Report

Salon Control can schedule reports to be generated and sent via email for your convenience, for example if you wanted to receive a report about how your salon preformed for the week emailed to you at the end of business on a Saturday night, to do this simply follow these steps.

Firstly open the report you with to be scheduled and located at the top of the screen is the SCHEDULE REPORT button which will then display a new window like shown below:

  • Name – Please input a name for this scheduled report to help you identify it. 
  • Interval – Select how often you would like this report to be ran either daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Time Period At Runtime – This will allow you to select the time period when the report will be generated
  • Scheduled Run Time – Please input the time that you would the report to be generated, ensure to use the 24 hour time format.
  • Days – Depending if you have the report interval set daily, weekly or monthly will have an effect on this option. If the interval is set to weekly Salon Control will allow you to pick which days of the week the report is ran, and if it is set to weekly or monthly you can choose which day of that week or month the report is generated.
  • Email Addresses – Please enter the email address or addressees of the people you would want to receive the generated report. If you are sending the report to multiple email addressees make sure to have them separated with a ; .

Once you are happy with the schedule report settings simply Click the CONFIRM button and new settings will come into effect.


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