Salon Logo on Receipts

SalonControl allows for your Salon logo to be printed on customer receipts.

The logo will be printed in monochrome, therefore it is important that your logo is tailored so that it’s appearance is a true representation.

Setup Steps
Navigate to Settings -> Salon and then select the Printing tab.

Printing Tab in Salon Settings

Towards the bottom of the Printing Tab you will see a button Add Receipt Logo.

Add Receipt Logo Button

Click this button, you will then be shown a new dialog box.

Add Receipt Logo Dialog Box

Click on the browse button and select your Salon logo.

Selected Salon Logo

Once you have select your logo, click on confirm.

To view the receipt output, click on the Receipt Test Print button.

Receipt Test Print Button

If you wish to clear the logo, click on the Add Receipt Logo, and select Clear and then Confirm.

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