Release Note: 1.20.609.2

In this release:

  • Multiple SMS Issue – A very small handful of a SalonControl customers have been experiencing a error where the system was displaying repeated SMS’s on the LiveText screen within SalonControl, this was an internal error and has not had effect on SMS usage for the SalonControl customers.
  • Client Side SMS Commands – The LiveText feature has been expanded, a client is able to interact with the system via a SMS. Here are a list of the new commands a client can send to your SalonControl system and what they do:
    • Next Appointment – SalonControl will respond with the clients next appointment details.
    • Late – SalonControl will mark the client as late on the calendar.
    • Call Me – This will display a message on the LiveText screen requesting for a staff member to call that client.
    • Cancel – SalonControl will cancel the clients next appointment.
    • Stop – SalonControl will disable marketing SMS for this client but they still will receive booking confirmation and reminder SMSs.
    • Info – SalonControl will send the client the list of these commands.
  • LiveText Screen Improvements – Some additional options have been added to the LiveText screen. You are now able to delete all stored SMS or just delete all read SMS.
  • Skin Test Feature – The skin test feature has been rebuilt and vastly improved.  You are able to create as many skin test types as you desire and apply them to any client record. With the skin test you can set a warning date so for example a client needs to be retested in a year, SalonControl will inform you of this when this date has expired.
  • Mobile Devices – SalonControl has been refined for usage on portable devices like tablets and phones.
  • Resend Initial Confirmation  – If a client has to rearrange a appointment, you can now send out a updated SMS by using this button on the client card.
  • Award Scheme Available Products – On the award scheme screen any products that are included in the scheme will be displayed on the same screen for your convenience.
  • Future Bookings On Booking Screen – When booking a client, SalonControl will now display all future booking for that client for your convenience.
  • Online Booking – Warning message will be displayed if a client tries to book an appointment online but another client has managed to book that appointment before them.
  • General Fixes – Various improvements and fixes have been applied to your SalonControl system improve usability.

If you have an issues with SalonControl, please contact the team via the  button. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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