Release Note: 1.19.399.2

In this release:

  • Booking Payment Processing – There is now a Return To CheckOut Button. This returns you to the CheckOut screen to adjust services prices, add products etc
  • Salon logo On Receipts – You are now able to add your Salon Log to receipts
  • Client Future Bookings Printout – The printout now includes the Salon Name and Telephone number
  • Projected Bookings Report – Now includes both Gross & Net (if you are VAT registered), but also includes the service discount (rate/value) if applied to the booking
  • Product Maintenance – Now has bulk edit
  • Service & Product Maintenance – Now has the ability to display No Longer In Use items. Therefore if you mistakenly set either a product or service to no longer in use, you are now able to undo your change
  • Enhanced Preferred Stylist – New clients preferred stylist is set after first visit. However, subsequent visits look for repeated visits to the same Primary Stylist and sets the preferred stylist accordingly
  • Online Bookings – Enhanced listing of future Online Bookings needing reviewing. This now indicates the number of future online bookings that should be reviewed by staff. You also have the ability to quickly confirm that the booking has been reviewed along with set it as reviewed via the normal booking edit form
  • Calendar Display – Subtle improvements to the layout to appointments in the calendar

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