Release Note: 1.19.2527.2

In this release:

  • Rebook Multiple Appointments – This new feature will allow you to rebook your clients on any date and time, you are no longer restricted to making multiple bookings using the reoccuring options. You can now make as many appointments as required.
  • Future Bookings – When taking a client through the checkout you will be presented with a list of all the future bookings for that client before proceeding. You are then able to create more bookings if required and on the rebooking screen you will see a up to date list of all of that clients future appointments.
  • Contraindications – The contraindications system has been greatly improved, you now can set up as many¬†contraindication’s as required and apply them directly to a clients record. With the improved system you can prevent certain services if required and also set up warning messages and prompts.
  • User Interface Animations – A little jiggle animation has been added to the calendar when clicking on an appointment box, this had been applied to help identify which appointment box has been clicked.
  • Report Fixes – Improvements and fixes has been applied to various reports regarding layout and exporting to Microsoft Excel.
  • General Fixes – Various improvements and fixes have been applied to your SalonControl system improve usability.

If you have an issues with SalonControl, please contact the team via the  button. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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