How To Keep Your Client Details Efficiently

Keeping your client details up to date and correct will save your save time and money also keep your Salon Control system running efficiently, here are a few pointers to keep your client records in check.


Selecting the correct gender for the client may seem like a small detail but having this correctly stored will allow for Salon Control to be much efficient in your targeted marketing if you are selecting male or female.

First Name

First Names are essential to have stored correctly for your client, because when you have multiple clients with the same name it can become very difficult to find the desired client if there are duplicates or incorrect details.


As the same as First Names it is essential to have a surname stored for your client, having a client with no name stored or simply a “?” is unacceptable because if you have multiple clients stored as “Paula ?” and they haven’t got a contact number stored either how would you or Salon Control be able to distinguish who is the correct client if they have appointments or need to be contacted.

Mobile Number

Getting a mobile number stored for a client is essential if they have one. The reason why it is essential is because the mobile number is used for the following:

• Booking Reminders

• Booking Due Reminders

• Promotional Text Messages (SMS)

There is also another 11 Auto Marketing texts that a client can receive from Salon Control, this is a extremely powerful feature that is built into the system and if this is simply ignored you are missing out on potential business and being efficient.

Email Address

More and more people have email addresses and most people have them linked to their mobile phones or tablets. Having a correct email address stored will make for more efficient email marketing.

Searching For A Client Record

When searching for a client we recommend searching for the first two letters of the First Name and Surname, so for example John Smith you would search for:

“jo sm”

This will bring up all records that meet that criteria and helps you find records that may have spelling mistakes.

One point that we must emphasise is when searching for client on Salon Control, make sure to do a search for First Name, Surname, Mobile Number or even address (if stored on the system) before creating a new client if they have visited your salon in the past or can’t remember some of their personal details. If a new client is created simply because a user has not searched for a existing record, your system will end up with duplicated clients, mobile numbers and can lead to a lot of complications in the future. We recommend trying to search for each different detail , so if you have no success finding a First Name move onto a Surname, if still no success try moving on and searching for a mobile or home phone number. If the user has tried every type of possible search for the client then it would be safe to create a new client record on the system.

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