How To Book A Client

Booking a Client

From the Calendar Click on a blank time slot you want to and select BOOKING:

To book in a existing client simply use the Search box and type either the clients name, surname, contact number, postcode etc to find that particular client, once you have found the client Click SELECT.

If the client is new and not stored on Salon Control you can easily add them to system by Clicking the ADD NEW CLIENT button at the top of the window, this will take you to a new page where you can fill in all the clients information.



When filling out the clients information it is ESSENTIAL that you fill in the clients MOBILE PHONE NUMBER.The reason why it is essential is because Salon Control will be able to send out a text message to remind the client of their upcoming appointment. We recommend setting the Confirmations Days to 2 days before the appointment is due.This is close enough for the client to not forget the appointment and long enough for the salon allocate the free time slots if the client then cancels.








Once you have filled in the Basic Details section, the lower half of the screen is for Further Information which is extremely useful for the stylist.

  • Contacts Tab – Under this tab you will be input additional information about the client for example full address, work contact number, Twitter username, Facebook username and allow if they would like to receive marketing messages from the salon.
  • Last Skin Test – This date shows the last time the client had a skin test fro treatments.
  • Skin Type – From this drop down box and select the clients skin type.
  • Refreshment Preference – From this drop down box you can select what type of refreshment the clients prefers whilst in the salon.
  • Service Discount Type – With this drop down box you can set a discount level for services carried out on the client, once applied that client will always receive the selected discount on services until changed.
  • Retail Discount Type – With this drop down box you can set a discount level for retail purchases, once applied that client will always receive the selected discount on retail purchases until changed.
  • Preferred Stylist – If a client has a preferred stylist within the salon they can be selected from the drop down box.
  • Reserve Stylist – If the preferred stylist is not available a client can have a secondary stylist they prefer.
  • Is Staff Member – Switch this option to ON if the person is a staff member and you want to allow the person to be able to purchase retail products automatically at staff prices unless selected otherwise.
  • Exclude From Loyalty Scheme – If you wish for this client to be excluded from the loyalty scheme for whatever reason simply turn this option to ON.
  • Disable Online Booking – If you wish for the client to be excluded from the online booking service (if active for the salon) for whatever reason simply turn this option to ON.

Once all the required information is filled in about the client Click SAVE. Once you have Clicked SAVE this will enable additional tabs and information about the client can be saved, for more details on these advanced options Click HERE.

Upon completion of the client details or selecting a client from Salon Control you will be returned back to the calendar with the booking options now available for example date and time of the booking, it will look like the following:

Create Booking

To book in a client simply go through these simple steps, firstly Click the calendar icon in the Date input field and select the date you require, afterwards input a Start Time in the next field. Click the Booking Type drop down box and Click which type of booking:

  • Regular – If the client comes in regularly select this option.
  • Request – If a client wants to be served by a particular stylist select this option. On the calendar any appointments that are request have a small yellow R in the corner like shown: 
  • New – If the client is new to salon select this option, after a couple regular visits the client will automatically changed to regular.
  • Recommended – Select this option if a new client has been recommended to the salon by another client.

If you wish to apply a discount to the clients booking Click the Service Discount drop down menu and select the required discount, if not leave this option unchanged.

If the client wishes to be booked in repeatedly for example every 4 weeks this can be done by Clicking on Recurrence Frequency drop down box and selecting the required frequency. Once the frequency has been selected a new field called Maximum Number Of Recurrences will appear allowing you to input how many times you wish for the booking to be repeated. When the recurrence has been set, Salon Control will try and book in the same client at the same time every 4 weeks for example unless there is a conflict on the calendar but Salon Control will make you aware of the conflict.


To select a service and stylist follow these simple steps. First Click the Stylist drop down box and select the required stylist, by default it will display the stylist from the corresponding stylist column you click the time slot in.

Next Click the Category drop down box and select the required category, this will change the Service drop down box to all the services that are available on that particular category and stylist.

The Manual Start Time switch will allow you adjust the Start Time if required, you can also Click in Start Time field to adjust the time if it requires a change.

By default the Duration drop down box time will be set by default in the Salon Control Settings (Settings > Services) but this can be changed by Clicking a different time.

The Process Time drop down box is for any service that requires time to process for example a hair colour, this will be by default have a time set from within the Salon Control Settings (Settings > Services) but this can be changed as required.

The Rooms drop down box is used for salons that cater for beauty treatments that require private rooms. Clicking this drop down box will allow you to select which room (if multiple rooms are available) for the treatment.

Once all the required information is entered it will display a total price for all the selected services. The ADD NEW ITEM button will allow you add more services and book them easily if required, you remove services if you make a mistake by clicking the DELETE next to the required services, once the booking is complete Click the SAVE button.


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