How To Add Team/Staff Members

Team Control

Add a team member; Go to Settings on the left side of the screen.

Under Team Control, Click Team/Staff Member’s.

Click ADD NEW ITEM, fill in all the relative information.

Make sure any text boxes/drop down lists with a * next them are completed as they are essential to Salon Control. You will then need to turn the Stylist option from OFF to ON to allow you to add the staff member’s availability and set up the staff member’s PIN code.

Next Click on the  tab to allow you to set up the staff member’s PIN code, once a PIN code has been chosen Click SAVE.

Once you have assigned the staff member a security PIN and Clicked SAVE, it will give you more options like shown below.

To add staff availability Click the   tab then followed by the ADD NEW ITEM button.

A new window will be displayed, in the Description Box for organisational purposes, name this BASIC or NORMAL hours in the description. Then click the calendar icon next to the Start Date as shown.

Enter the Start date of the staff member but be aware that the start of the week MUST ALWAYS BE A SUNDAY. If the staff member shifts are the same every week then you don’t need to put an end date. Simply turn Available switch from OFF to ON on the days the staff member will be working and enter a Start and End time, once you have finished Click CONFIRM followed by SAVE.

The ONLY times you need to add an end date are:

  • If a staff member is leaving
  • They are changing their normal working patterns on a long term basis.
  • If you are adjusting your hours on a short-term basis, i.e. Christmas extended hours

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