How To Add Holiday To A Staff Member

Adding Holidays

Add a holiday to a staff member; Go to Settings on the left side of the screen.

Under Team Control, Click Team/Staff Member’s.

Click on the Staff member you want to allocate holiday to. Under the Further Information area Click the Holiday & Sickness tab:

Click on the ADD HOLIDAY AND SICKNESS button, this will open a new window allowing you to add the holiday or sickness day.

Click the Holiday & Sickness Type drop down box to select what type of holiday the staff member requires. There are 3 different options as shown below also there is a option to apply holiday to all staff members by turning on the All Staff Holiday/Sickness switch to ON, this might be used for a Christmas Day for example:

  • Bank Holiday (B/H)
  • Holiday (HDY)
  • Sick Day (SKD)



Click the Calendar icon on the Start Date field and select the date which the holiday starts and follow the same steps for the End Date. It is also possible to apply holiday all day or between a specific time of that date, for example if a staff member is starting or finishing earlier or later, this can been done by switching the All Day Absence from ON to OFF and that will allow you to enter specific times as shown:

Once the required dates and time are inputted Click the CONFIRM button to save the holiday for that staff member.

Adding Holidays Via Calendar

Adding holidays to staff can be also be done directly from the main calendar by following these steps. Go to the Calendar from the navigation bar on the side if you are not already on the calendar screen. Whilst on the calendar screen Click on the required stylist box that you want to book holiday for:

A new popup window will appear as shown below, Click ADD HOLIDAY/SICKNESS:

This will open up a new page just above the Calendar allowing you to add holiday to the select staff member, follow the same steps as above to add the holiday and once you have finished Click SAVE:


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