Home Screen – Navigational Buttons

Home Screen Overview

The side bar to the left of the screen is the key to getting you to where you need to be.

Home – The Dashboard shows the staff members profiles. The profiles will be Red, Yellow and Green, depending on there availability. The bottom half of the screen, breaks the availability down per day for each member of staff using the same traffic light system. This makes it easy to identify trends in trade i.e. which days are busy which are quiet.

Calendar – Booking in Appointments and staff breaks. Checking in clients taking then to the check out. The Heart of Salon Control.

Client – A database of all your clients over time this will grow. Its important for all Stylist to collect mobile numbers of clients to get the best results from your markets campaigns.

Reports – Statistical information about the different aspects of your business.

Settings – This is where you input all the information about your salon. The staff members, Stock levels of products and the different services and treatments you offer.

Checkout – For when someone wants to pay for a product or service.

Live Text– An overview of the text marketing, any pending messages or responses. You can use it to message members of your team, request technical support for any troubleshooting. We also welcome you sending suggestion on how to improve our computer system as Salon Control is always wanting to evolve and improve.

Online Booking – This will take you to your online booking confirmation screen, from here Salon Control will display all bookings that have come through from the online booking page. You will need to go through and confirm each booking to ensure staff are available to cater to the bookings.

Login РThis will bring up the PIN code entry prompt, once a correct PIN is entered Salon Control will allow your profile and settings.

Barcode Search – The Barcode/Product Lookup feature will allow you to scan a product and display it’s details, also you are able to scan Gift Voucher barcodes to see how much value is left on the Gift Voucher.




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