GDPR – Features & Changes

Features & Changes to Salon Control

The GDPR deadline is closing in on the 25th May 2018 and it may feel a bit of scary subject, but at Salon Control we have been working hard to create the tools to help.

Inactive Clients
Salon Control can look at your client base and see how many of your clients have been inactive for a long time. With this new feature and staying in line with the GDPR regulations you can completely remove clients from your database. Removing clients from your system may sound like a sad subject, but by removing inactive or non visiting clients you are streamlining your data and maximising your Auto-Marketing audience.

Please backup your database before performing this option!

GDPR Delete
Previously you could only make a client active/inactive but now under the GDPR regulations you must be able to completely delete a client if they request so. We can not stress this enough, but if this button is clicked on the clients record it will COMPLETELY destroy all that clients data and this CAN NOT BE UNDONE. This setting is disabled by default to prevent mistakes by staff members, but if you wish for this to be turned on please contact us.

Is Child
Under the new GDPR regulations you MUST mark any children’s record on your system with the “Is Child” switch. By doing this will allow you to identify if the client is a child or not.

GDPR Checked
On ALL client records there is now a GDPR Checked switch and GDPR Last Checked date selector. This has to be enabled and a date saved for all clients. By clicking the switch and saving the date you would be confirming that the client you have spoken to them about GDPR.

Information Report
One of the big points about GDPR is the ability for a individual to request what information is stored about them on the system. This button is on every clients record, when clicked Salon Control will generate a PDF file with all the information stored about them on your system. You can customise what details are shown on the report eg: Colour Notes, Skin Tests, Appointments etc. These settings are located in: SETTINGS SALON GDPR  Tab.

Signature Capture
You are now able to capture signatures from clients directly on Salon Control, on a clients record. To do this you will have to access Salon Control remotely on a tablet or mobile phone. Once you are on a touch screen enabled device, you are able to sign using your finger. You can view all client signatures under the Signature tab on a clients record and you can also see the declaration they have signed.

The salons GDPR declaration is currently set to a default template but this template can be adjusted if desired via the salon settings screen.
Associated Clients
Salon Control can now associate clients. For example if a mother and daughter details are stored on the system they can now be linked. The benefits of this is for the online booking. It is now possible for a mother or father to book in their children from their own account.


GDPR Setting
Under SETTINGS SALON General Data Protection Regulator (GDPR) tab, you have the ability to customise the GDPR Declaration for your salon. Also on these settings you can enable/disable certain information being displayed on the client request-able “GDPR Information Report“.

Amongst the major changes to Salon Control we have made some smaller changes listed below:

  • Online Booking Registration – When a new client registers via your online booking page, they will be automatically GDPR checked and dated after submitting there details. When registering online the client will have the option to opt-in or out of marketing and SMS reminders. (Opt-In/Out feature deploying ASAP)
  • Marketing Enhancements – The SMS Marketing feature will be able to select clients that have been GDPR checked or not.
  • Children Excluded From Marketing – If a client record is marked as a “Child” account, Salon Control will automatically exclude them from ALL marketing.
  • GDPR Authorisation Method Field – This will allow you to enter methods like Face to Face, Paper Form, Text Message.This field will be automatically populated if a client registered via online booking.
  • GDPR Information Consolidated – All GDPR & Marketing relating settings are now neatly kept under the GDPR tab on a clients record.
  • GDPR Booking notification Opt-In – Overrides booking reminders and booking confirmation messages to off if GDPR has not been checked.

You may be thinking about how on earth you will ask everyone. Also how to go about capturing signatures for consent. Because Salon Control is compatible with iPads, iPhones, Android Phones and Tablets you can walk around your salon effortlessly, interacting with clients whilst they have their service.

The initial stages of GDPR adaption will seem like hard work but over time we will all look back at it as more of a transition than a nightmare.

System Updates – 1.20.2294.2

We have made many changes to Salon Control in regards to GDPR, but we have also made various other improvements to the system.
One of the main changes is to the SMS options when booking/rebooking a client. Now after booking/rebooking a client before the system returns to the calendar it will display the following pop up:


On this new Booking Notification Setup you can choose for a client to receive the SMS Booking Confirmation and the SMS Booking Reminder. The Booking Confirmation SMS is the SMS that is sent to the client after a booking is created thanking the client for booking with your salon. The SMS Booking Reminder is the SMS that is sent to the client 2 days (default setting) before their appointment is due to remind them.

Turning either of these switches to OFF will make Salon Control NOT send either the confirmation/reminder SMS to the client if DISABLEDThese settings are for that one particular booking. If a client makes another booking in the future and wants to have both SMS sent to them make sure to have both switches turned ON and a valid mobile number stored.

If you have a client that has the Booking Reminder option on their record set to OFF Salon Control will display this pop up.

Clients with Upcoming Special Birthdays

On the Client Maintenance screen Salon Control will now display Special Birthdays of clients. Special Birthdays would be 18, 21, 30, 40 etc. This is shown so that staff can make a fuss about that particular client for their birthday.

Amongst these changes we have also made improvements to Salon Control’s usability and under the hood improvements.

To round everything up in this email and GDPR in general. We have taken many steps to provide you with the tools to help you as a business become GDPR compliant. It is now down to you to implement these changes and enforce them within your business.

We sent out a newsletter previously when we first heard about GDPR, please have a read if you haven’t already:

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