Discounting Gift Vouchers

With the latest Salon Control update (1.20.609.2) you can now apply discounts to gift vouchers or gift cards (same process applies for both). The purpose for discounting gift vouchers is if you wanted to run a promotion where a client can purchase a £20 gift voucher but receives a 50% and only pays £10 instead but still has £20 to spend in your salon. For us to be to apply a discount to a gift voucher you will have to create a new Retail Discount Type, please follow the next steps to achieve this.

Click on the Settings button from the navigation menu:

Under the Stock Control section Click the Retail Discount Type button:

You will be taken to Retail Discount Maintenance screen which will look like the image below, Click the  button to create a new Retail Discount Type.

The following pop up will displayed we will explain the different options available for the discount type.

First give the Retail Discount Type a name buy typing it into the field box. This name needs to be something that is easily identifiable for example “20% Off Voucher” or “Half Price Voucher” etc.

Next you will need to input the amount of discount you wish to apply, you have two ways of applying a discount either by value (£) or by percentage (%). So depending on what Retail Discount Type needs to be you will you use one or the other. Please enter ether a £ value or a percentage for the discount.

Now Click the Enabled switch from OFF to ON for the Retail Discount Type to be usable on your Salon Control system.

Under the Applies From and Applies To dates please select a start date for the Retail Discount Type to come into effect from under the Applies From option. If you do not enter a Applies To date the system will assume that this Retail Discount Type will be active indefinitely. If you want the Retail Discount Type to be only in effect for certain time period please make sure to select a Applies To date, once Salon Control reaches that date it will disable that particular Retail Discount Type.

You are able to exclude the new Retail Discount Type from being usable on certain days of the week. If you wish to do this simply Click the desired day  to exclude switch from OFF to ON. If you want this Retail Discount Type to be in effect at all times , leave all the Exclude switches set to OFF.

Finally to make this Retail Discount Type apply for gift vouchers please turn on the Enabled for Voucher Purchase switch, if you do not do this you will not be able to apply this Retail Discount Type to gift vouchers.

Once you have set up your new Retail Discount Type simply Click the  button.

Applying The Discount To A Gift Voucher/Card

The newly set up Retail Discount Type can only be applied when creating a new gift voucher on the system. To do this Click on the  button, then on the Checkout screen go though the steps of creating a new gift voucher (as shown here). Once you have created your new git voucher you can now apply the discount from the Discount drop down selection as shown below:

From the Discount drop down selection Click the desired discount you want to apply:

Once you have selected the desired Retail Discount Type you will notice that the price will change to the new discounted value:

Now that you have applied the Retail Discount Type finish the transaction by selecting a client (if client is on the database) and then Click the  button to continue onto the Take Payment screen, and then finish the transaction.



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