Daily Notes (Client Colour Notes)

With colour services you maybe well aware that you have to keep notes on the colours used on a clients hair along with any additional information regarding the client. On Salon Control you can easily store and maintain notes for clients. In this article we will show you how to achieve this, first we will start with calendar screen. On the top of the calendar you will see the calendar navigation bar which looks like the following image:

The feature we are interested in is the Daily Notes button which will look like the following image:

This button will change when there is outstanding Client Notes that need to be completed due their being colour services that had been completed. When client notes need to be completed the button will change and display a little envelope icon on top of the button as shown:

When you Click this button it will display the following pop up:

The new pop up will display a few different options, in the top Daily Notes text box you are able to enter notes for all other team members to view. This can be extremely handy for leaving notes/reminders for team members for example:

  • Pick Up Milk
  • Place Order With Salon Concepts
  • Remember To Phone Up Polly
  • Luke Will Be 15 Minutes Late Today

To save a Daily Note simply input your notes into the text box and then Click the  button. To view the Daily Notes again simply Click the  button again.

In the Clients With No Notes section, Salon Control will display all outstanding client notes that need to be completed for 14 days. To complete an outstanding client note simply Click the  button opposite the clients name. Salon Control will take you to the date on the calendar and open the Client Card for that particular client which will look like the image below:

To create a Client Note simply Click the  button and the following pop up will be displayed:

Any previous notes will be displayed for your reference but they can be overwritten (the previous notes will still be stored for historic reasons). Simply input the required Client Notes into the text box, once you are finished Click the  button to save the Client Note.



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