Daily Database Backup

Backing up your database is essential just in case of an emergency for example hardware/software failure etc. We recommend you backup your Salon Control database every other day to the provided USB stick. We also highly recommend you have your computer connected to the internet 24/7 for updates and the automated daily backup to the Salon Control cloud server online. Even thou Salon Control makes backups online regularly it always good practice to have multiple copies of the database, because if you lose your database you will lose everything for example client details, financial history etc.

To do a backup of the database Click the DAILY BACKUP button which is located on the Home screen.

Insert the USB memory stick into the a USB port on the computer, the light will flash on the USB and it back up to the USB memory stick and also the cloud server.

If this error message is displayed the USB memory stick is not inserted properly or is faulty, please remove it and reinsert it and try again.

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