Create SMS/Email Promotion

Now that you have created the the marketing criteria that you want your SMS (text) messages or emails to be sent to, you are able to create the actual message that the clients will receive. To create the promotion simply Click the CREATE PROMOTION button at the top of the screen.

A new window will be displayed and this for the creation of your message simply name your promotion in the Promotion Name field, then enter a valid to and from date for the length of the promotion you want to run using the Valid From and Valid To calendar boxes.

Next select a Send Date and Send Time from the date calendar box and text field, then Click the Correspondence Type drop down list and Click either Email or SMS/Text depending on the type of promotion you would like to create. Once you have Clicked either Email or SMS/Text the the window will change and allow you to input in your message, please be aware that there is a character limit with the SMS/Text service so you may need to adjust your message accordingly to fit within that limit, Salon Control will display how many characters are left at the bottom of the window.

If you are creating a SMS/Text promotion there is two useful links to put into your message:

  • If you put [SALON_NAME] into your message Salon Control will display your salons name in the message to save you typing it.
  • If you put [SALON_PHONE]¬†into your message Salon Control will display your salons phone number in the message to save you typing it.

Once you are happy with your message simply Click the CONFIRM button and the message will start sending on the defined date and time.

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