Create A New Advanced Marketing Campaign

Creating A New Advanced Marketing Campaign

Go to Settings -> Marketing -> Marketing Index and then enter your PIN if required.

There are two types of campaigns available are:

  • Simple Campaign
  • Advanced Campaign

The difference between the two campaign types is how targeted the marketing campaign is and how advanced the filtering is on your clients database.

Advanced Campaign Filters

  • Birthdays
  • Visiting Information
  • Hair Colour Information
  • Preferred Stylist
  • Gender
  • Age Gap
  • Hair Type
  • Skin Type
  • Source of The Client
  • Occupation
  • Last Booking Outcome
  • Mobile Number Saved
  • Email Address Saved
  • Product Manufacturer
  • Product Categories
  • Products
  • Exclude Product Manufacturer
  • Exclude Product Categories
  • Exclude Product
  • Service Categories
  • Services
  • Exclude Categories
  • Exclude Service

From the Marketing Index screen Click the SIMPLE CAMPAIGN button and you will be taken to the Marketing Campaign Criteria screen as shown.

Normally a simple campaign has enough filtering however the advance campaign is great for targeted marketing. For example if you wanted to rid of excess stock, you could do a promotion on a specific brand of product and target people who don’t normally buy retail products.

The different filter options will impact the number of clients you are targeting with the SMS (text) messages, you will see the Matching Clients dynamically refresh itself after each criteria adjustment. In the image below the campaign has been targeted at females who have visited in the past 12 months who visited the salon up to 6 times or more in that time frame and have a mobile number stored on the database, the Matching Clients result went from 5,501 down to 983.

A key filter on both the basic and advanced campaign options is the Exclude Future Bookings option. This will remove any clients that already have a future appointment on the calendar, enabling this will stop clients getting with the salon for receiving unnecessary SMS (text) messages.

 Also another key filter have enabled is to include only clients who have a mobile number stored on the database.

Once you are happy with the search criteria and the amount of targeted clients simply Click SAVE. Please be aware you will need to create a promotion for campaign criteria you have just created, Click here to see how to create a promotion.

Create A Promotion SMS (Text) >>

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