Courses of treatments or batches of services can be sold to a client, then the courses can be redeemed as a client uses them.

To set up a course please follow these steps:

Set Up a New Course

Navigate to the Setting > Courses button:

You will now be on the Course Maintenance screen:

This screen will display all the courses that are saved on your system. To create a new course Click the    button.

Please fill out the following fields to create the course of treatments.

  • Course Name – This is the name of the course and what will be displayed from the selection box when choosing a course.
  • Enabled Switch – When this switch is enabled the course will be displayed from the selection box when choosing a course.
  • Available From – Please input a starting date for when you would like the course to be available on Salon Control.
  • Available To – If required you are able to put an end date for a course to have it removed from the course selection box. This is ideal for limited time offers and can prevent users selling a course which is no longer available. If this date box is left blank, this course will be available to sell indefinitely.

Once the above information is completed you will be able to add services to the course. To do this Click the    button to bring up the Select Service window:

Search for the required services from this window and Click the    button next the service to add it to the course. You are able to add multiple services to a course for example, you could have a “Deluxe” package that offers a Cut & Blow Dry along with a Pedicure. There is no limit to how many services a course can include. Once you have added the required services please enter how many treatments/appointments this course requires in the Unit number box. Next in the Unit Price box please enter the price for how much each of these treatments/appointments will be.

Once you are happy with the course details Click the   button to save the course on Salon Control.

Selling a Course to a Client – Checkout Screen (No Appointment)

If you would like to sell a course of treatments to a client that hasn’t booked an appointment, this can be done from the Checkout screen. Click the  button from the left navigation menu.

Next Click the  button and search for the required client from the Client Selection window:

Once you have found the required client Click the    button. Near the top of the Checkout screen you will now see a new button appear which looks like the following:

Salon Control will now display a pop up window with a drop selection which will allow you to select a course for the client. Simply Click on the service from the drop down selection and Click the  button.

If done correctly the Checkout screen will look like the following:

You can add as many courses as you wish to the Checkout screen. Once everything has been added proceed to the  screen to take payment.

Selling a Course to a Client – Whilst Rebooking

Courses can also be sold whilst rebooking or checking out a client. At the Process Payment screen there will be a  button after the  and  buttons. Clicking this button will make the Course Selection drop down appear. Select the Course that is required and Click the  button to add the Course to the clients transaction. Finally add any extra products, services, gift vouchers etc then proceed to the Process Payment screen to finish the transaction.

Redeeming a Treatment From a Course

To redeem a course simply book in a client on the calendar for the service that is included in the course. When you take a client to the Process Payment screen the course payment will be automatically added to the Total Due:

Finally proceed to the Save & Pay screen to complete the transaction.

Loyalty and Award points can be earned from courses. The client will only earn points when a individual course unit is redeemed. For example if a course cost £100, the client would not earn any points until they had come in for the appointments.

Checking Outstanding Courses

To view completed and outstanding client courses, navigate to the Client Details screen for the client you would like to view. There is now an additional tab called Courses which will show all information about the courses they have purchased.

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