Client Not Receiving Booking Reminder SMS

So you have had a client come into your salon informing you that they did not receive a booking reminder text message two days before their appointment. In this article we will explain why this has happened and how to fix the issue.

This will happen for the following reasons:

  • Clients mobile phone number is incorrect
  • Clients mobile phone number is blacklisted/blocked by mobile providers network or some other technical issue with the clients mobile phone
  • The Booking Confirmation Type value has been set to 6. None instead of 1. Via Text Message (SMS)

A common mistake that is made is due to the Booking Confirmation Type being changed by user error. We will show below what happens if you Click No to the Booking Reminder Popup when rebooking a client. Here is an example:

If you Click the No button on the Booking Confirmation Reminder pop up, Salon Control will set that particular clients Booking Confirmation Type from 1. Via Text Message (SMS) to 6. None permanently unless otherwise changed.

If you need to re-enable the Booking Confirmation via Text Message (SMS) please follow the next simple steps:

Firstly Click on the Client button from the navigation menu:

Next search for the required client on Client Maintenance screen and then Click the  button next to the clients name:

Once you are on the required record search for the value named Booking Confirmation Type and Click the dropdown list. Click the 1. Via Text Message (SMS) option then make sure to Click the  button.

The client will now receive Booking Reminders two (default setting) days before the appointment unless this is changed again at the Booking Reminder Popup or via client details screen.

Please be aware that the Allow Marketing switch on the clients record under Additional Information is for a different part of the autotext system. By disabling this feature this will stop the client receiving the following autotexts NOT the Booking Reminder SMS:




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