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As time goes on you may find that clients may end up being duplicated on Salon Controls database. This can be cause by a client not being searched for correctly or clients changing details for example mobile numbers and not notifying the salon to update their details. The side effects of having duplicated client accounts on the system are:

  • Not being able to log into the online booking system or mobile app
  • Clients not receiving correct text messages for upcoming bookings
  • Auto Marketing suite will not work efficiently

Salon Control does have features in place to help prevent duplicated details being entered onto the database, for example if Salon Control identifies a duplicated mobile number it will display this warning next to the input box when creating a new client record:

This will prompt the user to go back and search for the mobile number to find the clients correct details.

Sometimes mistakes are made and duplicated account are created, but don’t worry Salon Control can merge accounts together easily, if you follow the next few steps.

Navigate to the Client Maintenance screen by clicking on the Client button from the navigation panel:

At the top of the Client Maintenance screen you will see the Merge/Deduplicate button:

You will be presented with Client Deduplicate Process screen which looks like the following image:

On this screen Salon Control will display two sections:

  • Top SectionFirst name, Surname & Mobile Number – Salon Control will display any clients that have duplicated First Names, Surnames and Mobile Numbers.
  • Bottom SectionMobile Number Only – Salon Control will display any clients that have matching mobile numbers only.

Please note that the merging process is exactly the same for both sections.

We will use Zack Powell as a example. Salon Control has detected his First and Surname are duplicated along with his mobile number twice on the system and has placed him in the top section. Also he will be placed into bottom section due to his mobile number be stored twice on the database.

To merge multiple record together simply click the Details button next to he client you wish to merge. You will then be taken to the following screen:

All of the clients duplicate information will be displayed on the screen, the amount of entries on the screen depends on how many times that client is duplicated in the database.

  • Firstly click the Details button for each duplicated entry shown. This will open the clients tab in separate tabs for you to be able to decide which account you want to be the master record, normally it is the record with the most recent bookings or activity.
  • Select a record to become the master account but clicking the Make Master radio button next to the desired record.
  • Switch on ALL Migrate switches from OFF to ON.
  • Click the Merge button to merge the client records.

With merging client records ALL bookings, history, correspondence, colour notes, retail history, address etc are merged into one account, no information is lost.


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