Checking Out A Client

Once a client has arrived in the salon find their appointment on the calendar and Click it to bring up the clients details window and simply Click the ARRIVED button.

This will then change the options you have available on the client details window as shown below, you will then need to Click the CHECKOUT button to proceed with the checkout process.

Salon Control will then ask you if you wish to re-book the client as shown, we HIGHLY recommend that all staff members remember to ask a client if they wish to book their next appointment:

If the client would like to book their next appointment Click YES and Salon Control will take you to the booking page and then onto the checkout after a future booking has been completed, otherwise Click NO and you will continue straight to the checkout. The future booking will always default to 6 weeks ahead of the current date. However you can amend this to fit the clients needs using the Date and Start Time fields.

If the appointment clashes or isn’t available in the calendar Salon Control will display a message describing the reason why that time slot is already taken, as shown. Click CANCEL and amend the appointment for a time slot that is available or Click SAVE if you accept the overlapping booking.

If Salon Control detects that the client doesn’t have a mobile number saved it will always prompt you to try and gather this information, as shown below:

Salon Control will ask you if the client would like a reminder of the appointment, this will also allow you to capture the clients mobile number. Simply enter the clients mobile number into the Mobile Number field, it will also ask you for how many days before the appointment is due before Salon Control will send out a SMS (Text) to the client to remind them of the appointment, we recommend leaving this value set to 2 (48 hours). Once this information is complete Click CONFIRM or CANCEL depending on if the client wanted the reminder message to be sent to them.

Salon Control will then ask if client wishes to purchase any products from the salon as shown below, if you Click YES Salon Control will open the Select Products window allowing you to add products to the checkout screen.

If a client has purchased any products previously they will displayed and they can be added by Clicking the desired items, please be aware Clicking a product multiple times will add it multiple times to the checkout screen.

You can also add products to the checkout screen by scanning the barcode on the product into the Scan Bar Code (make sure the cursor is inside the text box and is flashing) field as shown below, you can also manually search for products using the ADD PRODUCT button which will bring up the Select Products window allowing you to add them to the checkout screen.

If a client is paying for someone else as well as themselves (for example a mother is paying for her haircut alongside her children’s) Click the ADD PAYMENT button and it will allow you to select another client from the calendar and add it to their bill, please be aware that you can ONLY add people who have had their appointment status changed to ARRIVED for that day.

At the checkout screen you are able to apply discounts to services and products for example staff discount, family & friends, NHS etc, to do this simply Click the Discount drop down box and Click the desired discount level.

Once the client has decided if they wanted a future appointment, purchase any products or add any additional payments to the checkout screen, you are now ready to take payment from the client. To do this simply Click the SAVE & PAY button in top right of the window, this will take you to the payment window. If you wish to just save the transaction and return to it later Click the SAVE button.

Salon Control allows you take payment via the following methods:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Gift Voucher – For more information Click here.
  • Visa/Debit Card
  • MasterCard
  • Switch/Maestro Card
  • On Account Payment – For more information Click here.

Click the type of payment you wish to process from the options on the left hand side, then input the value of the payment and Click ENTER. The payment will be taken off the amount due and display any outstanding balance. Once the Outstanding balance equals £0.00 you can then Click COMPLETE W/O RECEIPT or COMPLETE WITH RECEIPT depends if the client requires a receipt. Your checkout transaction is now complete and will return back the calendar.

Updating Client Details

If the client has just booked a future appointment and gone through the checkout process you can update there details from the calendar screen. Simply Click the clients appointment and it will display the clients detail window, from this window Click the CLIENT DETAILS button as shown and edit any required information then Click SAVE. If a client doesn’t have an appointment booked in you can search for them by Clicking the Client button on the side bar and search for the person you are looking to amend, once you have found the required client record Click EDIT to change the required information and then Click SAVE once you are finished.


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