Chassis Warning

Is any of the Acer Veriton PC’s have the case opened  for reasons like a service or replacing parts, it will flag up a Chassis Opened warning upon boot. To disable the chassis warn permanently please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Boot into the systems BIOS Setup Utility screen. To gain access to this screen please the Del key when the Acer logo is shown on the screen. You will notice the system will display message along the bottom the screen saying:

Press <Del> to Enter BIOS Setup Menu, <F12> to Display Boot Menu

At this point please rapidly press the Del key to enter the BIOS Setup Utility, if done correctly you will be greeted by the following screen:

Step 2: You will not be able to use the mouse on this screen only the keyboard to navigate. Press the  key to navigate to the Security tab along the top of the screen. Once on the Security tab your screen should like this:

Step 3: Navigate down using the ↓ key until Chassis Opened Warning is highlighted and press the Enter key. You will be shown the following prompt:

Step 4: Navigate down to Clear with the ↓ key and press Enter. The screen will now show that the alert has been cleared:

Step 5: To disable the Chassis Opening Warning preventing the system rebooting remotely, press Enter on the Chassis Opened Warning option and navigate to the Disabled option then press the Enter key.

Step 6: The screen should look like the following, which confirms that the Chassis Opening Warning has been disabled successfully.

Step 7: Next navigate to the Exit along the top of the screen using the → key.

Step 8: Highlight Save & Exit Setup and press the Enter key, you will be shown the following prompt:

Step 9: Select Yes and press Enter to save the changes and reboot the computer.


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