Cashing Up The Till

To perform the end of day cash up follow these simple steps. From the main home screen Click the PERFORM CASHUP button in the top right.

Salon Control will take you to the Cash Up screen and give a individual break down of every transaction that has gone through the checkout/till, if you are happy with the details Click the COMPLETE CASHUP button.

Now carefully check and count the money in the till and Z (Total Reset) your PDQ machine and enter the actual amounts in the fields on the screen for example if the cash in the till has a variance.

Once you have entered all the actual amounts into the Complete Cash – Confirm Cashup Amounts screen Click SAVE to finish cashing up. If Salon Control detects a variance with the totals you have entered it display a message like shown:

If you are happy to accept the variances with the till simply Click the ACCEPT VARIANCES button to complete cashing up otherwise Click CANCEL to return to the previous screen. Once this the cashing up is complete Salon Control will ask if you wish to print off a cash summary, simply Click YES or NO depending on what you want and you are now finished.




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