Cancellation List

Salon Control has a built in Cancellation List which can be used to easily used to keep track of cancellations and make sure your calendar stays booked up.

To access the Cancellation List this can be done by Clicking on the desired date for example “Thursday 7th December” and then Click on the desired stylists profile box at the top of the calendar as shown below:

Once a stylists profile box has been Clicked the system will display Stylist Details Card as shown below:

Next Click the  button to display the Cancellation List, which will like the following:

To add a new cancellation Click the  button, the system will display the Select Client pop up as shown below, simply search for the client and Click the  button.

Once you have selected your desired client you will be able to enter information regarding what the client has requested. Once you have completed this simply Click the  button or Click the  button to cancel the current action.

Once you have completed adding a entry to the Cancellation List, you will see all the saved entries awaiting cancellations:

If a free appointment becomes available you can view the Cancellation List and create a booking directly from the list using the  button. Also if you wish to view the clients details Click the  button or if you wish to remove the entry from the Cancellation List Click the  button.


Access Cancellation List Via Booking Screen

The Cancellation List can be accessed quickly whilst making a booking following these steps. First be aware that this feature will only be enabled if the following setting is disabled:

The setting is located: Settings > Bookings > Enable Overlapping Appointments

Create a new booking on the calendar for a client and adjust the Start Time, if the appointment overlaps another appointment upon Clicking the  button Salon Control will display the following popup:

If you are happy for this appointment details to be added to the Cancellation List Click the  button otherwise Click the  button to return to the appointment details. If the appointment details where saved to the Cancellation List you will be presented with this popup afterwards:

Now that you have entries on the Cancellation List, if any appointments get cancelled and a record on the Cancellation List matches that time slot that was just made available Salon Control will display the following popup:

Please be aware that entries will stay on the Cancellation List for 6 weeks and then they will be automatically removed.




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