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Calendar Explained

Salon Control will always by default display your current week. It allows you to look weeks ahead to check your availability and book future appointments.The blue -1 & +1 boxes enable you to move forward or back a week and the orange boxes boxes in between are the days of the week. For example if left blue box displays “+3” within it and the right blue box displays “+5” then orange boxes would be displaying the appointments available in 4 weeks time. The large boxes below the date navigation buttons display which members of staff are working that day.

Refresh Button – This button will completely refresh the calendar and show the current time if the page has been left in the background for some time.

Print Button – This button will generate a .PDF file of the calendar for you to download and print if required.

Narrow Button – This button will shrink the calendar down into a thin vertical layout, this can be changed back by simply clicking the button again.

Current Time Bar – The line displayed is the current time and is used simply used to help identify and track appointments easier.

Today Button – This button will take you straight back to today’s date if you have navigated away from it.

Calendar Button – Clicking this button will pop up a small calendar as shown below which will allow you to jump to a specific year and date:

Daily Notes – By clicking this button it will display a pop window with all clients that require notes to be completed, for example colour notes or anything that is important to that client. To do this simply Click on the VIEW IN CALENDAR button for a particular client and Salon Control will take you to the appointment on the calendar where you will be able to see what kind of service the client had. Salon Control will display the appointment details, Click CREATE CLIENT NOTE to be able to input notes. Another handy feature is the top text box on the Daily Note window is the ability to leave simple notes for all stylist to read for example “Remember to up sell products and we need milk” just remember to Click CONFIRM to save the notes.

Sidebar – When Clicking this button it will instantly display a hidden sidebar next to the calendar as shown below, this sidebar can be hidden again by clicking the SIDEBAR button again. This sidebar can help you keep track of your appointments by showing you the following:

  • Expected Arrivals
  • Expected Completions
  • Outstanding Completions
  • Recent Activities 

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