Booking A Client – Advanced – Overriding Times

Overriding Duration & Processing Time

As with all things in real life sometimes jobs can more or less time than anticipated. When you set up your services (Settings > Services) you also set up your duration and processing time based on averages, obviously with different clients there can be variations in completion times. There are ways to override the completion, duration and processing time, the first way is to click on a appointment from the calendar and it will display the clients details window as shown below:



On this window it will give you a variety of options for the client but for now we will focus on increasing the completion time. If the appointment took 15 minutes more or less to complete than expected simply Click either the INCREASE 15 MINS or REDUCE 15 MINS. For more information about the client detail pop up window Click here.






If you wish to adjust the duration and processing time manually this can be done by Clicking on the EDIT button on the client details window, this will reveal the Edit Booking options above the calendar which looks as shown:

To change the Duration and Processing Time simply click on the reverent drop down box as shown above and select the required time, once this is complete Click SAVE.

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