How To Book A Break

Booking a Break

From the Calendar Click on a blank time slot you want to and select BREAK:

A new section will be displayed above the calendar allowing you create a break:

Salon Control will give you the following options:

  • Stylist – Select which staff member is having the allocated break.
  • Break Type – You can specify what type of break the staff member is having for example Rep Meeting, Appraisal, Training etc.
  • Date – The date of the allocated break.
  • Comment – You can input a comment for the specified break for example “Amy is completely unavailable whilst on break”.
  • Is Draggable – This feature will allow you quickly move the break from staff member to staff member also the ability to change the time without having to go back into the break details.
  • All Day – This will make the break all day unless turned to OFF, for example if a staff member wants a lunch break from 14:00 till 15:00 you would make sure this option is set to OFF and input the Start and End times of the break.
  • Start/End Time – Enter the start and end time of the allocated break.
  • Include Break In Utilisation – With this option it will include/exclude the stylists break from the daily utilisation rate.

The most common function of booking a break would be for staff member lunches.

Flow Chart Of Process

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