Award Scheme

Salon Control has an Award Scheme that can be easily setup and implemented in your salon. To setup the Award Scheme correctly firstly you will need decide what products you would like to make redeemable for your clients.

Once you have picked what products you wish to make redeemable and how your Award Scheme will work go to Settings:

Then Click on Award Scheme button:

You will now be on the Award Scheme Maintenance screen where you can set up your Award Scheme for your salon. To create a new Award Scheme simply Click the  button in the top right of the screen. You will be presented with a range of settings for your new award scheme as shown below:

Here is a quick example:

  • If you had a 3% Award Scheme and a client spent £100 they will get 3 points.
  • Points Per Service £ would be – 0.030 
  • If the product available in your award scheme was valued at £15 the client would need to spend £500 to collect enough points.

Please fill in all the required information to set up the new award scheme correctly, this tutorial will describe each option and how to set it up effectively.

  • Loyalty Scheme Name – This is simply a reference for yourself, to help identify the scheme if you have multiple or historic schemes in effect.
  • Valid From – Here you can set the date in which you wish the new reward scheme to come into effect, please note this can not be back dated and can only be set with a future date.
  • Valid To – With this date you can select a date that you wish the award scheme to stop at, for example if you wanted to only have a award scheme for a certain time period only. Once a award scheme has finished a new scheme would have to be created to replace the previous scheme if you wish to have a general ongoing award scheme in your salon.
  • Deduct Minimum Spend – If this option is enabled this allow you to enforce a minimum spend before a client will start to earn points, for example if the limit is set to £20 a client will earn points on anything over the minimum £20.

In the next section named “Daily Points Award” you can set up how the points work for your Award Scheme.

  • Minimum Spend (£) – This field will allow you to set the amount of money a client must spend before they start to earn points on their account.
  • Points Per Visit – If you want for clients to earn points from simply visiting your salon, you can set this value here.
  • Points Per Service £ – In this field you can enter the amount of points a client will earn for each £1 spent on a service, for example if the value is set to “0.100” and the client spent £25 on services they would earn 25 points (0.250) as long as there is no minimum spend set.
  • Points Per Retail £ – This field you can enter the amount of points a client will earn for each £1 spent on a retail item, for example if the value is set to “0.100” and the client spent £25 on retail products they would earn 25 points (0.250) as long as there is no minimum spend set.
  • Maximum Points Per Transaction – If you wish to put a limit on how many points a client can earn in a transaction you enter the amount of points you wish to limit it to exactly.
  • Days Of The Week – The days of the week are listed and the reason for this is if you wanted different days to have different point values. For example if Tuesdays are your quiet day of the week, you can encourage clients to visit on that day by offering double points.

Now that you have set up the required settings for the way clients earn points on the Award Scheme it is time to set up the Award items that you wish to give away.

Setting Up Items For The Award Scheme

Now that you have setup how points are earned on your Award Scheme, you now must add the products you wish to be redeemable to the Award Scheme firstly Click the  button.

Under the Stock Control section of Settings screen Click on Product button:

You will then be shown the Product Maintenance screen where you can search for and edit products that are stored on your Salon Control system.

Search for the product you wish to add to the Award Scheme and Click the   button and you will be taken to the Edit Product screen as shown below.

On this window you can change a whole range of details for the product but what we are focusing on is add this item to Award Scheme, to do Click the following enable/disable switch:

Once this switch is on you will be able to enter how many points that are required for this product to be awarded.

The field that is required is named “Award Point Required“, once you have entered how many points is required Click the  button to finish editing the product.

Redeeming A Product On The Award Scheme

Once a client has earned enough award points to become eligible for a free product Salon Control automatically take you to the Available Award screen after a client has been processed through the Checkout, the Available Award screen will look like the following image:

There is multiple sections to this screen that need to be explained, firstly the Awarded Points section will display the clients Current Point Balance and show all the listen transactions where they have earned or redeemed points on Salon Control.

Next is the Available Products section, Salon Control will automatically calculate how many points a client has and show what products they are eligible for. To select a product the client wishes to redeem simply Click the   button next to the desired product.

Now that the product has been added to the Products to Award Scheme you can remove products by Clicking the  button next to the product, you can also amend the quantity if required. Once you are happy with what products are going to be given away simply Click the  button and hand the products over to the client.

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