Adding New Products To Salon Control

If you have had a new product that you wish to sell in your salon you can do this by simply added a new product to the system using the following steps.

Go to Settings -> Stock Control -> Product and then enter your PIN if required.

Click the ADD NEW ITEM button to start adding a single product.

Firstly Click the Manufacturer drop box and select the required manufacturer, then Click the Category drop down box and select the required category.

Next give the product a name and then create a product code, this product code would be a shorter version of product name. This is created to help speed up the search process in the Product Maintenance window as shown above. Product size is self explanatory, please input the current product size.

When inputting the barcode we highly recommend using the barcode scanner to avoid mistake, please make sure the mouse cursor is inside the barcode field box, by Clicking it and it will flash inside the barcode field to show its ready scan a product. With the Alternative Barcode this can be inputted just in case a supplier has changed the barcode of product or uses different barcodes for the same product.

Current Stock Level shows how many units of that particular product Salon Control thinks you have in stock, if this incorrect it can be easily corrected by using the Stock Adjustment option in the settings.

Ideal Stock Holding value can be set for the product, this is the minimum stock level of a product you wish to have in the salon before ordering anymore. Once Salon Control detects a product is below it’s Ideal Stock Holding level it will automatically add it to a purchase order.

Prices & Usage

The Cost Price (£) is always the NET price (excluding VAT), input this price from your invoice or spreadsheet.

The Retail Price (£) this is how much the product will sell for in the salon for clients to purchase.

With the Usage drop down box you can select how this product will be used in the salon, for example a product can be set to Retail which means clients/staff can purchase these items through the checkout. The other two options available are Both and In Salon Use, with Both it will allow a product to be purchased by clients/staff as well but if a product is set to In Salon Use it is not available to purchase through the checkout, this would be used for large products or colours that are used on the back bar for example.

Staff Sale Price (£) is the price you wish to sell a product to your staff for specifically.

If you wish for your staff not to gain any commission on this product simply turn the Exclude From Commission switch to ON. You can also set a Fixed Commission (£) if required to cap the the amount of commission a stylist will earn on the product. As well as excluding staff from commission you can prevent a product earning loyalty points for client by turning the Exclude From Loyalty Scheme switch to On.

The Supplier Name drop down box allows you select which supplier the product came from.

Once all the required information is entered correctly simply Click the SAVE button.

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