Adding Services

To add a new service to Salon Control go to Settings -> Service Control -> Services and then enter your PIN if required.

Salon Control will then display all the services that are currently stored on the database , to add a new service simply Click the ADD NEW ITEM button.

Salon Control will now allow to add the service to the system, simply fill out the required information.

  • Click the Category drop down box and select the required category for the new service.
  • The Name field is self explanatory, please input the name if the service and ensure the spelling is correct.
  • In the Code field please think up a code that is suitable to be used in the salon to help search for this service, please input the code in capital letters.
  • The Additional Service switch allows you to make this an addition to another service for example if a client wanted to have a “premium” shampoo applied to their hair instead of the standard one, this doesn’t take any extra time for this request but will increase the total bill because of this additional service.
  • The Maximum Concurrent Bookings value is how many of the same service can happen at the same time, for example if only two staff can only perform a certain service this will prevent them becoming over booked and disappointing clients.
  • Weekly Interval For Skin Test field is for how many weeks between skins test are required for the service.
  • If you turn the Available Via Online Booking switch to ON this will make this service bookable via the online booking service (if setup prior).
  • On Booking Prompt allows you set a message to be displayed for this service once it has been booked on the calendar.
  • If you wish for the new service to be excluded from the loyalty scheme simply switch the Exclude From Loyalty Scheme to ON and a client will not earn any loyalty points from this service.

Prices and Timings

The pricing and timing refers to the different levels of stylist in the salon. You can switch ON and OFF who can and cannot do the services. There are two cost columns one for Gross Price (£) (INC VAT) and one for Salon Take (Net)(£) (EX VAT) please input these values if available. From the Time To Complete (Mins) drop down box select the length of time that the service will take to finish. With the Process Time (Mins) drop down box this is used for services that require a time to process, for example a hair colour typically takes about 60 minutes to process correctly after being applied. If a service has a process time applied to it, Salon Control will automatically prompt you to book in a follow up service for example after a colour, Salon Control will make you book a cut and blow dry. One thing to note is that if the Additional Service switch ON the Pricing and Timings section will change as shown below and remove the Time To Complete (Mins) and Process Time (Mins) drop down boxes.

Once all the required information is complete and you are happy simply Click the SAVE button.

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