Adding Services to Your Online Booking Page

Before we start this article you will need to have your online booking page enabled by the technical support team. Once your online booking page is enabled you will have to populate it with the services you wish to offer your clients over the internet, to do this follow these simple steps below.

Firstly you will need to go into Settings, Click this button on the side bar:

Next you will need to go to the Service Maintenance screen Click the Service button under the Service Control section:

Once you are on the Service Maintenance screen search for the service you wish to enable for your online booking and Click the  button.

You will be then taken to Service Maintenance Edit screen where you can make edits to the service. To enable this service for online booking enable the Available Via Online Booking from OFF to ON.

Once this switch has been enabled this will then display a Online Service Description box which will enable you enter a detailed description of the service online, please remember this what the client will ready on the website.

After you have enabled the switch and inputted a description Click the  button and the service will be bookable online instantly.

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