Adding Services and Deposits to Online Booking


Important: Online Booking must be enabled in Salon Control to complete anything mentioned in this article. Speak to our support team for more help with this.


Open Salon Control and go to Settings > Service


Once you are on the Service Maintenance screen search for the service you wish to enable for online booking and Click the Edit button.


Change the Available Via Online Booking button to ON

Then in the box below Enter a customer friendly description of the service.

Optional: All services will appear in alphabetical order on the online booking page. If you wish to manually rearrange them, enter a number in Online Booking Order for example 0 is the lowest number & will go to the top of the list. All services will be zero by default.


To collect a deposit on a service change the Enable Online Booking Deposits button to ON, the service will now collect the default booking fee that you requested.

Optional: If you want to collect an alternative deposit change the Enable Online Booking Deposits button to ON.

Enter either a Percentage amount OR a Whole Pounds amount.

Important: Booking deposits for services can only be added if you have a payment service set up, click on the link to Create a Stripe Account

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