Adding A Service Category

Adding A Service Category

In this example your salon has just started offering Male Threading as a service, in order to create this you will create a entirely new category.

Go to Settings -> Service Control -> Service Category and then enter your PIN if required.

Salon Control will then display all service categories that are currently stored on the system, to add a new category simply Click the ADD NEW ITEM button.

Salon Control will then display a new window allowing you input the required information  for the new service category.

Service Category is the description for the category, please ensure it is spelt correctly and is accurate.

We recommend that the Three Letter Acronym (TLA) aka abbreviation field is completed, because it will help identify services on the calendar easier. To do this simply break down the name of the category into three easy to identify letters.

If the Colour Services switch is set to ON this will include all services under this category to be included on the salon’s 360 report and the same applies to the Cut Services switch.

With the Services Requiring Client Notes switch turned to ON, Salon Control will prompt you to submit notes onto the clients record regarding the service/appointment they have received. This is extremely useful for colour notes, skin test notes and anything else that would be helpful for the stylist prior to the appointment.

Online Booking Order field is used to reorder the layout of the online booking service website.

Online Booking Spacer switch is used to space out the online booking columns, this is simply to make it easier for the client to hopefully find the appointment/service on the website.

The Service Category Colour drop down box allows to you to change the colour of the category to a desired colour.

Once all the required information is inputted and you are happy with the new service category simply Click the CONFIRM button.




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