Release Note: 1.19.1313.2

In this release: Auto Layout – Significant update to allow SalonControl to automatically fill all available space within the browser window. Stock Levels – The ability to assign stock levels when adding new products. KPI Report – Added Breaks & Utilisation Excluding Breaks columns. Purchase Order – Added the Cost and Retail […]

Release Note: 1.19.953.2

In this release: Performance Improvements – Significant improvement in accessing information, processing bills and general screen rendering Discount Report – A new report showing summary information of discounts applied, total cost and number. Product & Voucher Quick Lookup – A new feature available on all pages which allows you to enter a product barcode […]

Release Note: 1.19.514.2

In this release: Breaks – Reoccurring breaks can now be dragged and moved around the calendar. This will convert that instance of the reoccurring break to a normal break and cannot be undone Projection Report – Gross & Net figure calculation correction Attendance Report – A new report that displays the staff Clock-in/Clock-out occurrences […]

Setting Up Auto Logout

SalonControl allows the system to configure two automatic logout settings. The default software settings currently log the user out after: Creating/editing a booking or break 20 minutes of inactivity To change these settings please follow the steps below. Setup Steps Navigate to Settings -> Salon and then select the General tab. Near the […]

Release Note: 1.19.411.2

In this release: Automatic Logout – Added feature to enable/disable auto log out when Bookings & Breaks Automatic Logout – Added feature to log users out after a salon definable time period inactivity

Release Note: 1.19.399.2

In this release: Booking Payment Processing – There is now a Return To CheckOut Button. This returns you to the CheckOut screen to adjust services prices, add products etc Salon logo On Receipts – You are now able to add your Salon Log to receipts Client Future Bookings Printout – […]

Release Note: 1.19.310.2

In this release: Further updates to support the development of Mobile Client for Salon customers Stock Check Report – Added sub totals for each product, converted the PDF renderer to the new version & converted to the new Excel exporter Enhanced Breaks – Breaks can now be included/excluded from utilisation […]

Release Note:

In this release: Further updates to support the development of Mobile Client for Salon customers Daily Diary Report – Corrected VAT/Net & Gross calculation LiveText – Fixed the various issue in reading long text messages Stylist Holiday Entitlement – Fixed show shows correct year rather than just current year

Release Note:

In this release: Stock Report – Totals column misalignment – Thank you Matt for spotting it Daily Note – Restricted to the last 2 weeks where colour service client have not had notes entered