Connect your Stripe account to Salon Control

1. Open Salon Control and go to Setttings > Salon 2. Select the Online Booking Tab 3. Now switch on Enable Online Booking Depositsthen press Save in the top right corner. 4. Click on the Connect with Stripe button 5. Link your Stripe account by entering your email address If […]

Bookmark Salon Control Remote Access on a PC or Laptop

First Copy the remote access link you were sent in an email, it will look like this (example) Now Click on the remote access link and it will open in your internet browser (Google Chrome). At the end of the address bar in Google Chrome there is a Star, […]

Integrate Paymentsense card machine to connect with Salon Control

The integration option will need to be enabled by Salon Control & Paymentsense.After integration has been enabled, Salon Control will send the transaction total to your card machine (PDQ terminal) when you select a card payment option at the checkout. Paymentsense Ingenico Support Tel: 0800 044 5935 >> – Update […]